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With our PREP Performance Center custom app, you will feel like you are in the clinic with our PREP team. Complete evidence-based assessments and evaluations to identify strengths and weaknesses, then watch our highly trained Doctors of Physical Therapy as they implement current research and medical guidance into each workout to provide you with the most up to date and cutting edge training.

Log your PREP Performance Academy workouts from anywhere with the PREP Performance Center custom app! View your upcoming scheduled workouts, track your progress and get the most out of our program!

Unlike many PT clinics, which charge large fees and provide little in the way of custom service or support, PREP assembles teams of highly qualified Doctors of Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning experts and support personnel to provide our patients and clients with a balance of injury prevention and physical therapy programming that will keep your athlete in the game!

In fact, many of our staff and owners were elite athletes and know the demands of athletics. After all, it takes the best to train the best — and that’s exactly what we’re doing at PREP Performance Center.


  1. Access PREP Performance workouts from anywhere
  2. Log your workouts and take the guesswork out of training
  3. All of your exercise details in one place
  4. Track your exercise performance

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