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What is NormaTec?

NormaTec Recovery Systems are commercial-grade compression devices that enhance the body’s natural ability to recover. It uses full-length leg, arm, or hip compression to rejuvenate muscle tissue and dramatically reduce tightness and soreness. NormaTec helps speed recovery and improve outcomes when used within a rehab protocol. It uses dynamic compression, which has been shown to be a highly effective modality for sports recovery. It is an FDA cleared medical device indicated to treat a wide range of conditions. Many physical therapists report using the NormaTec extensively in their practice. Also shared by Medical News Today of NormaTec’s health benefits, considerations, and alternatives.

Proven Technology That:

  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces pain and soreness
  • Rejuvenates muscles
  • Accelerates athlete recovery

How It Works:

Created by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD) to enhance blood flow, therefore, enhance the recovery process. It uses patented compression using pulsing to mobilize fluid, gradient holding to prevent fluid backflow, and distal release to allow normal circulation.

What’s The Research Behind It?

Lessens Pain Sensitivity

  • Peristaltic pulse dynamic compression is a promising means of accelerating and enhancing recovery by reducing muscle tenderness from pressure stimuli. Journal of Strength and Conditioning 2015

Increases Range of Motion

  • Peristaltic pulse dynamic compression rapidly enhances acute range-of-motion with less discomfort and time. Journal of Strength and Conditioning 2014

Pulse Compression Works as a Treatment for DOMS

  • A 30-minute treatment of pulse compression increases blood flow in the lower extremity, possibly making pulse compression a viable option in the management of exercise-induced muscle damage (DOMS). Journal of Athletic Training 2016

Decreases Muscle Fatigue After Acute Exercise

  • External pneumatic compression increases flexibility and reduces select skeletal muscle oxidative stress and proteolysis markers during recovery from heavy resistance exercise. PLOS One Medical Journal 2017

Clears Metabolites Passively

  • Intermittent pneumatic compression significantly lowers blood lactate concentrations when compared to a passive recovery group. Journal of Athletic Enhancement 2013

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