Rotator Cuff Injury

Treat Rotator Cuff Injury with the Best Therapist at PREP Performance Center in Chicago IL

Your rotator cuff is comprised of the muscles and tendons surrounding your shoulder joint. Sometimes, the rotator cuff can become torn or injured, due to repetitive overhead motions performed in sports (such as tennis) or jobs (such as carpentry.) Those who experience rotator cuff injuries or “torn shoulders” generally report a dull ache deep in their shoulder, arm weakness, difficulty reaching behind their back, and disturbed sleep due to pain. While the most common complication according to Healthline is re-tearing the rotator cuff after it’s healed. The larger the original tear, the higher the risk of a re-tear. At PREP Performance Center, our natural and non-invasive methods can help relieve your shoulder pain and heal your rotator cuff injury.

Rotator cuff injuries sometimes require surgery if they are severe enough, there are several cases where physical therapy treatments can work just as well (if not better) than surgery. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, “A recent study from Finland asserts that when it comes to the treatment of nontraumatic rotator cuff tears, physical therapy alone produces results equal to those produced by arthroscopic surgery and open surgical repair.” In this same study, a follow-up on 167 patients receiving physical therapy alone for their rotator cuff injuries, demonstrated that conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, should be considered the primary treatment for this condition.

At PREP Performance Center, we will conduct a physical evaluation and diagnostic tests to determine if you do indeed have a rotator cuff tear, and we will design a personalized treatment plan based on the needs of your diagnosis. Specialized techniques, such as ice and heat therapies, manual therapies, or ultrasound may be used to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and enhance function. Gentle stretches and exercises may also be prescribed to improve your posture and the range of motion of your shoulder.

If you are suffering from a rotator cuff injury, contact PREP Performance Center in Chicago, IL today. Our dedicated Chicago physical therapists will provide you with some much-needed relief and get you started on your path toward recovery!

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