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Online ACL Rehab Program_Prep Performance Center

We are excited to offer our new ONLINE ACL Rehab program.  This is an adjunct to working with your physical therapist, and a great way to keep yourself motivated, on track, and pushing the boundaries to stay ahead of the curve. By now you have realized this ACL rehab stuff is NO JOKE… Speaking from experience, it is hard work compared to what your uninjured teammates have to do.

You wake up early, stay late, and put in extra hours almost every day, but you do it alone.  Joining this group will make sure you don’t have to do it alone. We have an online group where you can share stories, ask for advice, and even challenge each other to commit to the workout schedule.  It’s the team you wish you had when rehabbing your ACL!!! 

Online ACL Rehab Program comes into 5 phases

Each phase comes with a different home exercise program, balance and stability activities, and progressive strength workout and conditioning guidelines to help you with a gradual evidence-based return to run and return to sport program.  Our goal is to help you cross the finish line safely and make sure you are as strong as possible getting back in the game. 

In order to move on into the next phase, we ask that you treating Doctor of Physical Therapy assess your strengths and weaknesses (using our app) and then allow you to move onto the next phase of the program.  

The coolest thing about this program… It is Lacrosse Specific.  We have worked with high school, college, and pro-level lacrosse players who have been in your shoes.  We plan to have videos of previous players sharing their stories to help you through the process. 

We not only provide you a therapy home exercise program but have various mental skills challenges, nutritional content and chat access with our team to make sure you stay on track. This specialty program we also offer via our Online ACL Rehab Program, kindly click the button below so you will know.

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Designed by Doctor Mary Kate Casey, National Champion Lacrosse player who experienced two ACL injuries and was a member of Four National Championship teams, Dr. Casey knows what it takes to get back to the top.  Her inside knowledge into the game of lacrosse paired with her medical experience brings you the first and only program of its kind. She developed it while treating various lacrosse players throughout the city of Chicago and was often left sending PDFs, home videos, and pictures.  She wanted to be everything for her patients; their PT, their trainer, their lacrosse coach, and their confidant. She understands firsthand the isolating feeling of rehabbing an ACL on your own, sitting on the sidelines, and missing team bonding experiences on bus rides to away games.  This program is designed by a female lacrosse player, personal experience with ACL rehabilitation and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, how much better can we get. 🙂 

Last but not least, with this program comes more accountability, more consistent and effective workouts, evidence-based home exercise program, progressive strength program, conditioning guidelines, along with sports psychology and nutritional content that leave you knowing you are in the right place, doing the right things at the right time. 

Now make sure you get your PT on board.  We have an onboarding process to help your PT understand our app and help you progress your best. We have a great chat system in the app and you can always chat with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for any questions, comments or concerns. 

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*** This should be utilized in conjunction with a regular in-person PT protocol and your PT’s individualized home program. 

*** Please follow the guidance and direction of your treating provider.

Goals of our Protocol

Phase 1- 0-1 month post-op 

– Protection of healing graft fixation. 

– Reduce swelling, minimize pain.

– Restore full extension (0°), gradually improve flexion (1st week 0°-90°, 3rd week 100°-120° of flexion)

– Restore patellar mobility. 

– Restore quadriceps function and leg control. 

– Adherence to Home Exercise Program (HEP)

– Gait training

Phase 2- 1-3 months post-op

– Continue to protect graft site.

– Maintain full ROM.

– Safely progress strengthening. 

– Promote proper movement patterns.

– Avoid post-exercise pain/swelling.

– Avoid activities that produce pain at graft donor site.

– Normalize gait.

– Closed chain leg control for non-impact movement control. 

– Begin sub-max sport-specific training in the sagittal plane.

– Bilateral PWB plyometrics progressed to FWB plyometrics.

– Adherence HEP.  

Phase 3- 3-4 months 

– Introduce jogging and light running. 

– Introduce agility drills (Low amplitude, low velocity)

– Proprioceptive and coordination exercises. 

– Progress to plyometric.

– Normal double-leg landing control without side to side differences or compensations for sub-maximal squat jump.

– Adherence to HEP. 

Phase 4- 4-6 months 

– Maximize endurance and strength of knee stabilizers.

– Optimize neuromuscular control (Plyometric exercise)

– Sport specific exercise.

– Acceleration and deceleration. 

– Variation on running, turning, and cutting manoeuvers. 

– Normal multi-planar high vel without side to side differences or compensations.

– Normal double leg landing control without side to side differences or compensations.

– Adherence to HEP

Phase 5- 6+ months

– Continue strengthening and proprioceptive exercises.

– Symmetrical performance with sport specific drills.

– Safely progress to full sport.

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