Patient Testimonials

  • I have been going to PREP for close to two years now. I love it and love all the staff! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It’s like visiting friends when I go.

    Mary Kate is AMAZING! I had a very bad case of golfer’s elbow. In a little over a month, I was completely back to normal. Victoria was tremendously helpful along the way. I LOVE that Mary Kate and her staff all believe in educating their clients throughout the process, as opposed to just throwing routines at you and kicking you out the door. They explained my issue clearly and what I appreciate most is that they made me exercise properly. I learned to focus on the muscles I was working on and made me pay attention to proper form. Those lessons have stuck with me even now after my physical therapy.

    Steve B.

  • I came to PREP because of a ruptured Achilles tendon. It was the second time I had the injury, first my right then my left. It’s been five years since the first one on my right side has ruptured. I had completed physical therapy at one of those big corporate places you see and thought I had done what I needed to, until this August when I tore the left one, and went to a different, but yet again corporate franchise spot. I completed about four weeks and realized I wasn’t getting much out of the therapy, and that they really were just there while I was doing an exercise routine I could, and did complete at home.

    This injury happening again has had a very inconvenient effect on my life and I needed something better, and I found it at PREP. A friend had recommended I give them a call, so I did.

    In the first visit alone, which was this Saturday, Oct. 27, I had a noticeable improvement in flexibility, movement, and pain. I met with Mary Kate Casey and the honest and straight forward explanations of my injury(s) and how to rehabilitate them so that my entire body was back in working order was exactly what I was looking for in getting back to full strength. She spent time actually using tools to massage away the scar tissue that had been causing me some pain. She showed me exercises I had not done before, and most importantly she has goals of further rehabilitation to both sides of my body to insure a complete balance of strength. I also feel that the time she spent breaking down each exercise explaining how and what technique should be used insured that I was safe and getting the most out of each repetition. This is beyond physical therapy, it is truly personal care, and a step towards wellness as a whole, not just fixing my injury.

    Keith L.

  • My daughter is a competitive gymnast and has gone to PREP for personal assistance with injuries as well as a preventative group class. She has worked with Mary Catherine and we’ve found them both to be very kind and helpful. I like that they focus both on healing her injuries as well as helping her understand her body and how she can prevent injuries moving forward. They have always been accommodating with my daughter’s busy schedule, which is greatly appreciated.

    David P.

  • I highly recommend that you talk to the team at PREP if you have any injuries, even if you’ve given up on your situation. The staff is very knowledgeable and clearly have a passion for their work. Everyone is friendly and caring. They happily listen to what I’m dealing with and provide thoughtful solutions. They were able to resolve long-standing problems that other healthcare professionals had told me were permanent issues.

    Wally I.

  • We love PREP! Mary Kate has been so helpful to our daughter. When Mary Kate opened in summer 2016, she was struggling with Sever’s disease (heel pain) from gymnastics, and we were making costly visits over to Children’s for physical therapy. We soon switched to PREP and since then have been there on an ongoing basis for a number of gymnastics related aches and pains. Their care has been exceptional, friendly, personalized, educational, and much lower cost than at Children’s! We hope that our daughter does not need PT in 2018, but if she does, there is only one place we would take her – PREP!

    Brian K.

  • Mary Kate and the PREP team are amazing. My daughter is a gymnast and was originally attending PREP for an injury prevention program that Mary Kate specifically developed for young athletes.

    I believe that having my daughter attend this program helped her to stay healthy and high performing especially given the the intensity of her training/competition season.

    I have always felt that Mary Kate and her team really care about making sure my daughter has had the best care – they take the time to make sure that she was doing her exercises correctly and that she understands how to integrate the information and exercises so she can do them on her own.

    Mary Kate has always shared the progress and on going prevention tips to help our family.

    I would highly recommend PREP for you physical therapy needs

    Therese A.

  • Beautiful facility with an amazing functional training area! Had the pleasure of working directly with Mary the therapist, she had me feeling much better by the end of the first session. Overall great experience with very knowledgable staff. I will continue to refer as many of my patients here as possible!

    Darcie M.

  • Mary Kate is an amazing Physical Therapist! First time I have been out of pain in years! Now I will be able to train with Noel and the other amazing staff at PREP! So excited to have found you guys!

    Karin H.

  • Mary Kate is the absolute best Physical Therapist around and the PREP is incredible! Being a former athlete and having experienced injuries throughout my athletic career, I was terribly nervous to train for and run the Chicago Marathon. Mary Kate helped me tremendously with my knee pain, providing so many great exercises, information, and education. She is so wonderful and thorough when she works with you, providing explanations on all of the muscles you work on to prevent pain and injury. I don’t think there would have been any way I could have gotten through that 26.2 without her.

    On top of everything, you can tell how much she genuinely cares about her clients and helping them achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be. She is committed to your progress and is going to get you there. GO SEE MARY KATE at PREP. You won’t regret it :-).

    Colleen N.

  • Mary Kate has really helped me get back on my feet — literally. I had reconstructive ankle surgery this summer, and I was prescribed PT twice a week. Mary Kate came highly recommended by a friend and I am so grateful I chose her for therapy. She makes sure I do the exercises correctly and I learn why so I can self-correct at home. It’s 1-on-1 attention and she gives you the full hour. She seems genuinely concerned about my progress, and given her pedigree (Northwestern), and attention to detail, I feel she’s a great choice for physical therapy. Bonus: she is super kind, scheduling is easy, the facility has free parking, and it’s a really inviting space to work out. She also gives a great massage!

    Meg D.