Adjustable Suede Gymnastics Wrist Support


QALARO Paws | Adjustable Suede Gymnastics Wrist Support | Wrist Injury Prevention | Cheer Wrist Support | Wrist Brace


  • GYMNASTICS WRIST SUPPORT: Sold in pairs, these gymnastics paws are designed to assist your gymnast, cheerleader, acrobat or tumbler during exercise. Available in XS, S, M and L.
  • FLEXIBLE, COMFORTABLE SUEDE: Designed to protect the wrists, with removable and interchangeable plastic and rubber inserts. You can choose the level of flex! The hook and loop straps make them easily adjustable, depending on your need. These Qalaro wrist guards will not disappoint! They will give your athlete extra reassurance and confidence =)
  • WRIST INJURY PREVENTION: Assists in the protection of wrists during training and competition, from injuries including hyper-extension, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and strains caused by repetitive use. The last thing you need is an injury!
  • LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE: Our wrist braces are professionally stitched and high-quality, which makes them perfect for training and official competition at any level.
  • THE QALARO PROMISE OF EXCELLENCE: With 30 years of gymnastics and acrobatic experience, we promise unrivaled, high-performance equipment. We trust you will be a happy customer!