Amazing Neck Massager


Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Amazing Neck Massager for Pain Relief Deep Tissue, Unique Massage Points, Melts Away Muscle Knots, Trigger Points, Headaches


  • SAY GOODBYE TO NECK PAIN — The Neck Rescue is designed to relieve neck pain using deep tissue massage. The unique patented massage points put pressure into on the deep spinal muscles. Other neck massagers only massage the surface, they do not release tension in the deep muscles. That’s why the Neck Rescue is more effective to relieve muscle knots, trigger points and headaches than other massagers.
  • REAL RESULTS: The Neck Rescue gives a real deep tissue massage for relieving neck pain faster than anything I have ever used. I am a Chiropractor who specializes in designing neck massagers and this is the most effective trigger point massager I have designed. It puts more pressure where you need it and with a little patience, will relax the muscle spasm and therefore relieve that nagging neck pain. It Works!
  • WHY IT WORKS SO WELL! For example, working online for several hours each day will create chronic neck strain leading to sore muscles, stiff joints and even headaches. The patented finger like massage points of the neck rescue work through the outer muscle layers and put pressure on the deeper muscle to relieve these types of pain fast. Other massages really just rub on the surface they do not penetrate to hit the deeper muscles like the Neck Rescue.
  • GREAT NECK STRETCHER: The device creates cervical neck traction by stretching the neck backwards the way chiropractors recommend. This unlocks stiff joints, hydrate discs and relaxes muscle spasm, while also giving a deep trigger point massage. According to many of our clients the combination effect of massage and traction together is amazingly effective.
  • 100% REFUND AND NO RETURN NEEDED: If you’re not 100% happy with the results we’re happy to give you a full refund and there is no reason to send it back. Just contact us directly through Amazon in the first 30 days. We do this because we know after a few treatments you will see the tremendous relief it provides and be one of our supporters helping people beat neck pain. There is zero risk. So, if you are tired of that nagging neck pain, please do yourself a favor and try my product. Dr. J.