Virtual PREP Performance Academy

Virtual PREP Performance Academy is a 6-week Athletic Performance Combine. A sports performance and injury prevention program for grade school and high school athletes designed to address the mental, emotional and physical aspects of athletic performance. You will learn from former collegiate athletes and professionals now in the field on how to become an elite athlete.



Train like the pros and learn how to:

  • utilize mental preparation techniques
  • goal setting
  • how to manage emotions during athletic challenges
  • incorporate injury prevention exercises into your workout regimen
  • reduce your risk of injury

If you want to be the best, you need to train like the best!

Prep Performance Academy (PPA) Goals:  

  • Pre-season training to prepare athlete for safe and successful season
  • Improve strength, stability, and body awareness
  • Improve jumping/landing/cutting techniques
  • Reduce injury risk for ACL injuries
  • Reduce risk for overuse injuries such as shin splints, stress fractures, knee, hip and back pain.
  • Reduce frequency of non-contact injuries
  • Introduce and refine the values of sports participation… work ethic, team building, motivation, mental focus, vulnerability, perseverance, resilience, coachability, self confidence, communication and goal setting

Overview of the PPA

Day 1 – Baseline Assessment 

  • Get a Baseline – Measure your athletic performance and Risk Index with a day of combine testing using our ARSI Movement Assessment.
    • Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 40-Yard Dash, Shuttle Run, and more sport specific assessments

Day 2 – Sports Psychology and Mental Preparation

  • Get Your Head in the Game – Learn mental preparation techniques such as mindfulness, mental imagery, coping strategies, and performance based focus techniques

Day 3 – Nutrition and Performance

  • Get the Proper Fuel – Understand how to properly power an athlete’s body.  Learn easy meal prep ideas of athletes of all ages, the best quick and easy snacks, and how eating can help you stay on top.

Day 4-15 – Performance and Prevention

Day 16 – Follow-up Combine Testing 


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Virtual PREP Performance Academy 

Irish Dance Assessment and 6 week Injury Prevention & Performance Program

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Gymnastics Virtual Assessment and 6 week Injury Prevention and Performance Program

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ACL rehab Virtual Assessment

1 year Rehabilitation and Return to Sport Program

Progression to subsequent phases upon assessment with patient’s Doctor of Physical Therapist 

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