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5 Balance Exercises to Avoid Falling on Ice

Balance Exercises | One fall can change your life, so let’s get ahead of the issue to prevent it from happening! There are many exercises to help keep you upright, but these are our selected favorites. Be sure to practice these at least once a day every day to keep you strong and balanced.

While falling at any age can cause significant damage to your body, if you are over 65 years old it’s especially important to incorporate these balance exercises into your daily routine. The intended purpose of these exercises is to improve balance, but you also will gain strength and endurance in your lower extremities. Take breaks in between sets and exercises as needed to improve your performance as well.

1. Single Leg Balance (3x30s hold/)

2. Heel/Toe Walk (x2L)

3. Sit to Stand (2×10)

4. Leg Raises (2×10/)

5. Standing Marches (2×10/)

BONUS: Challenge yourself!

6. Dynamic Forward Lunge with Twist (2×10/)

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