Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs at our Physical Therapy clinic provide patients with tailored and comprehensive care for their specific needs. Specialty Programs …

Physical Therapist in Chicago Running Analysis Checklist

Running Analysis Checklist

Use our checklist to analyze your running mechanics. Figure out how running efficiency can be increased in order to improve overall performance and reduce your risk of injury.

Online ACL Rehab Program_Prep Performance Center

Online ACL Rehab Program

Different home exercise program, balance and stability activities, and progressive strength workout and conditioning guidelines to help you with a gradual evidence-based return to run and return to sport program.

Custom orthotics are devices that are individually created to uniquely fit your feet.

Custom Orthotics

Quality orthotics can alleviate pressure, eliminate pain, and promote stability. It’s important to receive custom orthotics that are created to fit the exact shape of your foot in order to receive the maximum benefits.

Return to Play Assessment_Prep Performance Center

Return to Play Assessment

These assessments will evaluate your physical performance and function to determine if you are ready to return to your activity or sport.

Prep Performance Academy

PREP Performance Academy

A 6-week Athletic Performance Combine. You will learn from former collegiate athletes and professionals now in the field on how to become an elite athlete.

At Prep Performance dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their optimum level of physical performance.

Youth Sports Performance

We will design a unique plan for your child, encompassing speed, agility, footwork, strength, and injury prevention. Help your child achieve his or her full athletic potential.

Pre-Sport Physicals Special Services Prep Performance Center

Pre-Sports Physicals

A pre-season assessment will help in identifying any movement dysfunction or risk of injury that your child may have before getting back in the game.

Workplace Wellness_Prep Performance Center

Workplace Wellness

To enhance an employee’s happiness, satisfaction, and overall wellness in the workplace. They have also helped in increasing employee awareness and compliance with health and wellness activities throughout the workplace.

Video movement assessments are used to evaluate your balance, stabilization, strength, and movement, pinpointing any areas of dysfunction.

Video Movement Analysis

Used to evaluate your balance, stabilization, strength, and movement, pinpointing any areas of dysfunction. There are several different types of movement that this type of assessment may examine.