Helps speed recovery and improve outcomes when used within a rehab protocol. It uses dynamic compression, which has been shown to be a highly effective modality for sports recovery.

Wellness Seminars

Our programs promote healthy mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Trigger Point Therapy

Often referred to as myofascial release or pressure point massage, involves the application of gentle yet firm pressure to specific areas along the body, known as pressure or trigger points.

Therapeutic Exercise

Physical therapy goes beyond post-surgical care restoring strength, endurance, flexibility and stability to people who have been injured, are in pain, or have experienced an illness.

Neuromuscular ReEducation

A joint needs to have full motion to be fully functional. If the joint does have full range of motion, weakness and functional limitations will develop over time.

Muscle Energy - PREP Performance

Muscle Energy Technique

Is a form of manual therapy in which muscles own energy is used to induce relaxation and promote pain relief. This technique is especially useful when the cause of pain and stiffness are muscles.

Massage Therapy

Recover from a wide range of conditions, including fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, arthritis, migraines, diabetic nerve pain, sports and auto-accident related injuries, and even psychological disorders.

Manual Therapy

To increase range of motion, reduce swelling, mobilize joints or soft tissue, and decrease swelling and restriction, a physical therapist will massage, manipulate, and stretch different areas of the body.

Kinesio Taping

Specialized to react to body heat, providing added support by staying firm and in-place all day. While traditional bandages have long been used to provide additional support during injury recovery, kinesio tape is the first of its kind.

Manual Therapy

Joint Mobilization

Sometimes, a joint can become irritated, swollen, or misaligned as a result of injury, stress, poor posture, repetitive movement, or even as a result of age-related wear and tear.