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Hip Injections for Hip Labral Tear in Adolescent Athlete

What is a Hip Labral Tear?

Hip Labral Tear – in the hip labrum is a tear of the ring of cartilage on the sock part of the hip joint. A tear can occur on the anterior (front) or posterior (back) sides of the hip labrum.

Who is at risk of tearing the hip labrum?

Hip Labral Tears are a common injury amongst young athletes, specifically those involved in dance, soccer, golf, or hockey. Mainly sports with repetitive motions may cause overuse of the area and lead to a tear.

What are my options for management or repair?

Depending on the severity of the injury and where you are on the spectrum, your provider will recommend either injections, medication, physical therapy, and/or a procedure to repair the area. Studies have shown that incorporating an injection as well as participating in physical therapy to be the most effective intervention. While physical therapy will help you to gain strength, endurance, flexibility, and stabilization, the injection will help with pain relief so you can participate in therapy as well as daily activities with ease.

What kind of injections will I be offered?

There are three different types of injections your provider will offer depending on your situation. The three kinds are corticosteroid, platelet-rich plasma, or a stem cell injection. The most common is a corticosteroid injection which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can provide instant relief with the combination of an anesthetic. This is a very common injection for pain relief among athletes and those experiencing excessive pain.

What are the next steps (Hip Labral Tear)?

After your provider has offered a corticosteroid injection, be sure to make an appointment with your physical therapist for an evaluation to determine the course of action. Your therapist will customize a detailed physical activity/exercise program for you to follow during the different phases of your recovery. As you progress the intensity of the exercises will increase, therefore you will be improving performance while recovering.

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