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Level Up your Swing Speed and Power

Ready to level up your golf performance and swing speed? Increase your swing’s strength and power with these seven exercises! Included in this routine are jumps, slams, swings, and more to really get a well rounded workout. These exercises incorporate power development, core sequencing, controlled rotation, and energy transfer. Let’s get you started so you can show off your skills! 

“Core control and rotational stability are imperative to proper sequencing in the golf swing. This allows for the most efficient approach to power development.” – Jack Davis, PT, DPT

How can I improve my core strength? 

Simply put, the core is where all the power comes from. The initial movement all comes from the core creating a chain reaction up the torso, into your shoulders, and to your hands. There are many different ways to develop strength and stability in the core that don’t include sit ups. For example, incorporating rotational exercises such as the chop and lift will not only strengthen your obliques and deep core muscles but also teach your torso to move independently from your pelvis. Anti-rotational exercises, such as the pallof press, will build your stability and resistance to force, an essential quality for controlling your swing. Both approaches will ensure your abdominal corset to be strong and stable allowing you to perfect your swing speed. The power and speed you create naturally wants to go in every direction, but with core strengthening that will eliminate the likelihood of shanking.

What does power development do for my swing speed?

Strengthening the core alone won’t provide you with the momentum needed to hit the golf ball with control, precision, and power. Therefore, incorporating explosive exercises to teach your body how to properly transfer energy into the ball will maximize your drive. Exercises such as a medicine ball slam will develop this power in your downswing, whereas a landmine press will do the same in your upswing. Double leg jumps are a great way to strengthen your glutes in the prep and jump phase, as well as teach you how to control your power during the landing phase. As previously mentioned, all the power comes from your core; therefore, strengthening your glute muscles will allow for independent torso movement from your lower extremity.

Now that we’ve gone over how to strengthen and stabilize your core, as well as how to control and develop your power, let’s get into the golf exercises to increase swing speed!

Rotational Core Stability

Power Development (swing speed)

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