How Athletes Can Loosen Tight Lower Back Muscles Fast

How Athletes Can Loosen Tight Lower Back Muscles Fast

Lower Back Muscles 

It can be extremely difficult to keep up with your favorite sports when you have a stiff and tight lower back – and it’s very frustrating because we know that playing sports and keeping active is more than just a hobby – it’s a passion.

Lower back problems can make it painful to move, reduce your speed, power, and strength, and ultimately mean you aren’t able to pay as well as you could.

Some people try to put on a brave face, power through the pain and hope it gets better on its own.

Others have to stop playing sports and exercising entirely until the tightness goes away.

Then there are the people who get the right help from experts and quickly loosen their stiff backs. This allows them to get back to playing the sports they love – be one of these people!

Why Do I Get A Stiff Lower Back When Playing Sports?

Your lower back pain and stiffness can be caused by a number of reasons.

As an active person, it’s probably not caused by a lack of movement or sitting for long periods of time.

But it could be caused by overtraining, muscular imbalances, weak core muscles, or poor movement patterns. One, or a combination of these reasons, could leave your lower back unable to cope resulting in the muscles tightening up, and pain flaring up.

There could also be sports injuries that you haven’t fully recovered from, and are still taking a toll on your body – this is a common reason, and why it’s so important to get an injury managed properly so it doesn’t become a long-term issue that lasts months, if not years!

Our physical therapy team regularly works with amateur, professional, and elite-level athletes and sportspeople and there is rarely just one factor that is leading to a stiff lower back.

That’s why it’s so difficult for you to treat it yourself, or why it goes away for a day or two before coming back worse than ever.

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Common Sports Where Lower Back Tightness Is A Problem

Certain sports have a higher chance of causing lower back pain and stiffness such as golf, baseball, and tennis.

These sports involve a lot of twisting and turning motions that are done in an explosive manner which can place a lot of stress on your lower back.

Weightlifting, CrossFit, and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) classes also have high rates of low back pain. The heavy weights combined with high levels of fatigue during a workout mean that a safe lifting technique is often compromised, and your lower back suffers.

Ease A Stiff Lower Back Muscles At Home

For some immediate relief from lower back stiffness, using a foam roller or doing certain stretches – particularly those that relax the muscles in the hips and glutes can be helpful as they have a big impact on your lower back – can help.

However, the right stretches or foam roller movements for you will depend on the underlying cause of your lower back pain.

That’s why it’s so important to get expert help, and why you’ve struggled to get any long-term benefit from stretching or foam roller yourself.

How To Loosen Tight Lower Back Muscles Fast

If you want to loosen tight lower muscles fast quickly and stop it from coming back the next time you work out, or play sports, there are a number of proven, natural treatment options available at Prep Performance Center, Chicago – all without having to resort to painkillers, injections, or resting for weeks!

Cupping, Massage Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy are just three of the powerful treatment options available to ease a stiff lower back, and our team have seen incredible success with lower back pain sufferers – even if they’ve had the problem for years, and feel like they’ve tried everything!

To find out what the best treatment option would be for you, and to discover how to get long-term relief from a stiff lower back, arrange a Free Discovery Visit.

Speaking to a member of our expert team, who has worked with thousands of back pain sufferers in Chicago can give you hope of a life without back problems, and allow you to play hard, exercise as often as you want, and perform better than ever before!

Right now, the demand at our clinic is very high, so arrange your Free Discovery Visit or call us on (773) 609-1847 now – we would love to help you.

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