Off Season Training Program for Youth Softball Players

Off Season Training Program for Youth Softball Players

Youth Softball Players | Off season training is just as important as in-season training. Training in the offseason allows a foundation to improve upon during your sports season. 

For a lot of overhead Youth Softball Players are plagued with injury when returning to the sport, they are deconditioned and attempt to return to the level of athleticism they had at the end of their season. It is important in the offseason to work on both strengthening and stretching in order to operate at an optimal level when returning. See related article by Sports Feel Good Stories wherein they also share about Softball Training Program.

Name of Exercise: Prone I, Y, T Lift

Target Muscle Group: Rotator Cuff/Shoulder stabilizers


– Lying face down on either a mat on the floor or a bed with room around you to extend your arms without interruption. Brace your core muscles. 

– For I: With your palm facing inward slowly lift one arm off the floor forming a letter “I” stopping before you feel your back lifting more. Focus on getting your lift through your shoulders and not your low back. Hold for 5-10s. 

– For Y: From the same starting position having your palm facing inward lift the same arm forming the letter “Y”. Again focus on getting a lift from shoulders and not your low back. Hold for 5-10s.

– For T: From the same starting position but this time with your thumbs up, lift your arm forming the letter “T”.  Hold for 5-10s

– Repeat each position 10 times then switch to the opposite arm.

– For additional strength, you may add weight to your hand.


– Make sure that the movement is coming from your shoulder and not your back. 

– Keep your neck neutral not lifting your head with your shoulder

Reasons to use the exercise:

This exercise targets stabilizing muscles of your shoulder. These may be small movements and small muscles you are targeting but they are important to strengthen in order to prevent injury. 

Name of Exercise: Overhead Shoulder press (Youth Softball Players)

Target Muscle Group: Shoulder, Chest and upper back.


– Chose dumbbells that is appropriate weight for you

– Sit in an upright chair bring both dumbbells to shoulder height and palms facing forward 

– Press the dumbbells up overhead straightening out your arms

– Slowly lower dumbness back to their starting position


– Be careful not to have forward rounded shoulders

Reasons to use the exercise:

This exercise much like the last will target the shoulder muscles in order to increase both power and stability when doing movements such as throwing, and hitting. 

Name of Exercise: Doorway Stretch

Target Muscle Group: Chest and shoulder


– Standing in the doorway place your entire shoulder and arm against the wall in a 90/90 position

– Slowly turn away from the wall while also pushing forward through the door. 


– Avoid extending your back. You should not feel the stretch in your back, it should be in your chest. 

Reasons to use the exercise:

This will increase mobility and motion in your shoulder. Many people rest in a forward shoulder posture, this can be due to school or working on a computer all day. This puts your chest muscle in a shortened position that is not optimal for those muscles to work. 

Name of Exercise: Squat Jump (Youth Softball Players)

Target Muscle Group: Glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings


– Start in a squat position with your butt down and back, your weight should be through your heels.

– Keeping your core tight, explode up from the ground using your arms for momentum. Your legs should straighten out and your arms should be at your side.

– When landing, make sure you are landing soft on the ground


– Make sure that your knees stay outward, they may feel pressure inward but make sure to drive them outward. 

Reasons to use the exercise:

This is an explosive movement much like you will have when running from base to base. This will work to target those muscles in a way that is similar and functional to you in a game situation. 

For more information about exercises to do during the off season, ask your physical therapist about our PREP Performance Center comprehensive strength and conditioning program specifically designed for an overhead athlete.


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