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Strike the Ball with Power!

How do you strike the ball with power? How do you strike a soccer ball with power and accuracy? In this blog post, we are sharing herewith some tips and exercises on how to obtain the goal.

8 Hip Mobility Exercises for Soccer Players

Do you want to improve your abilities on and off the field to be more like your favorite soccer players? Let’s get you started on some hip mobility exercises!

Hip mobility is essential for soccer players as it allows for improved agility, increased speed, lighter feet, powerful strikes, and injury prevention. Below is a list of exercises that will help improve your hip mobility and strength leading you to scoring more goals!

1. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

2. Bridges with Banded Hip Abduction

3. Bridges with Hip Adduction

4. Standing Marches

5. Kneeling Hip Opener

6. 90/90 Hip Transitions

7. Hip Flexion Opener over KB

8. Single Leg Balance Alternating Hip Openers


Hip mobility and strength is very important for soccer players for injury prevention. Improving your hips will also allow you to be lighter on your feet and move them faster, for example while juggling, striking, or passing the ball. The quick, sharp multidirectional movements can lead to an injury if the player does not consistently work on the hips.

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