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Total Knee Replacement (Part 3)

Phase II – Motion Phase (Day 3 – Week 3) Progression to OUTPATIENT PT 

Knee Replacement – By now you are starting to feel like you can get around your house and may have had some in-home physical therapy.  Your knee most likely still hurts and you have made some progress with your knee flexion and extension, but you still have a bit more to go.  You may have progressed to using a cane for in-home walking and stairs, but think about bringing your walker for walking longer distances outside.  

BASIC Home Exercise Program (Complete 3-4 times per day, approx. 10-15min) – knee replacement

– Walk 1x/hour (Make a loop on your first floor and aim to complete 2-3 times per hour)
– Heel slide
– Assisted Heel Slide 
– Quad Set with towel 
– Straight leg raises (SLR) 

Progressive Home Exercise Program (Complete 10 reps 1x/day near countertop for safety)

Complete these exercise with assistance from a family member for safety reasons

– Standing Hip ABD 
– Standing Hip EXT 
– Standing Heel Raises 
– Standing Toe Raises 
– Standing Marching 
– Standing Knee Flexion 
– Stairs 1x/day 
– Sit to stand 
– FSU 
– LSU 
– Sidestepping at Counter 
– Seated Heel Slides 
– Seated Knee Extension 
– Seated Marching 

Walk at least 800-1000 feet or around the block with an assistive device and wean off the assistive device as tolerated. (If limping occurs, use a cane to assist, opposite of the surgical leg. 

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Always reach out to your medical provider with questions and if you are worried at all about an infection, go to Immediate Care. 


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