Simple Exercises to Prevent Injuries in Tennis Athletes

5 Simple Exercises to Prevent Injuries in Tennis Athletes

Simple Exercises for Tennis Athletes | With summer tennis season in full swing, you may be tempted to jump right into your warm up hitting session. However, research indicates that a proper dynamic warm up is the most effective way to prevent injury before a match. Below is a simple routine for tennis athletes that you can do anywhere to minimize your chances of sustaining an injury on court- no equipment necessary!

Also sharing here an article from Masterclass website about Why Is It Important to Warm Up Before Playing Tennis.


Begin each session with a 2-3 minute light jog. This will increase blood-flow to your muscles, which prepares them for activity. Your warm up jog should be easy-if you can’t keep a conversation or you find yourself breathing heavily, you should slow down your pace. The goal is to “wake up” your muscles, not to break a sweat.

High Knees

From a standing position, bend and raise one knee while keeping your back straight. Alternate legs while walking in a straight line. This will stretch your glutes, which are key muscles to supporting your weight as you move around the court.

Walking Lunges

From a standing position, bring one leg out in front of you and bend, making sure to keep your knee from passing over your toe. Alternate legs. This exercise helps to activate your hip and knee extensors.

Side shuffles

Begin with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

Arm Circles

Raise arms so that they are in line with the shoulders and are fully extended, palms facing down. Do ten forward circles, followed by ten backward circles. Start small and slowly increase the size. This exercise activates internal and external rotators of the shoulder. These muscles are constantly being used in tennis, especially during serving.

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