Improve footwork for Soccer Players

6 Exercises to Improve Footwork for Soccer Players

Do you want to improve your footwork? Need assistance moving your feet faster? Take a look at the videos down below of 6 basic exercises to help! Start off slow and build up your speed over time. You can also use a training ladder to do these exercises if a box is not available. For more of a challenge, have a timer going and count the number of steps in a selected amount of time and try to beat that score each time! Let’s take a look at these exercises!

6 Exercises:

  1. Foundations
  2. Toe taps – Ball
  3. Toe taps – Box
  4. Alt Lat Step Over
  5. SL Box Ankle Hops
  6. Up Up Down Down

To improve your footwork you will also need to work on your hips and ankles. Doing exercises to increase mobility, strength, and balance will help tremendously! Hip and mobility is essential for soccer players as it allows for improved agility, increased speed, and lighter feet. Check out the links below to see how you can improve your mobility!

  1. Strike the Ball with Power! Hip Mobility Exercises for Soccer Players
  2. 10 Exercises to Improve Ankle Mobility and Stability

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