Things to remember a few weeks after ACL surgery

Things to remember on your first few weeks after surgery

After surgery these are the things that we have to remember:

(For Patients who have no post-surgical restrictions)

1. Wear your brace at all times when out of the house.

2. Slowly put more weight on your surgical leg when walking with your crutches and brace locked (Weight Bearing As Tolerated- WBAT).

3. Keep your brace locked until your PT gives you clearance to walk with it unlocked.

4. Think about contracting your quadricep as you put more weight on your leg to stabilize your knee.

5. Complete your home program every day outside of formal PT.

6. Use the Range of Motion you gained in PT.

7. When sitting at home or at work, split time between extension and flexion

– Take your brace off and keep your knee bent in a comfortable place after surgery.

– Prop your heel up and let your knee sag Complete for 1-5 min increments 2-3 times per day.

8. When you are able to progress walking with brace unlocked, use all of your Range of Motion and activate your quadricep when accepting weight.


Trust your body and trust the process.


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The best way to shower after your ACL surgery

Generally speaking, when your surgeon says it is now safe to take a shower after ACL surgery, always take some precautions to avoid unexpected happenings.

As mentioned by whether you can shower or have a bath, as it may depend on the type of surgery you have had – it is always best to check with your surgeon or nurse when in doubt.

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In this blogpost, Prep Performance Center (best physical therapy in Chicago) wants to share some tips and best way how to shower after ACL surgery – to avoid unwanted circumstance. Hope this helps!

How to shower after ACL surgery_Prep Performance Center

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